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Content creation in 2 steps for beginners

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What content creators really want.

Ordinarily, (now that’s a word I haven’t heard or used for some time).

Anyway, as I was saying. Ordinarily, if someone asked me which route to take for building a website blog for distributing content to multiple channels at a time? I would say WordPress.

And; Whats about for working with a team or other collaborators? Again, I would say WordPress.

Or even; Can I build landing pages with...? Yes, you can with WordPress.

You see, WordPress is so extensible as a website building platform that you can throw almost any required function at it. There is almost always a plugin, or a way around achieving what you want to do. It’s no wonder that there are so many people that find WordPress a little overwhelming for their simple and specific needs, or temperament.

Fortunately for those people, I have a content creation tool lined up that is pretty cool, anyone can add it to their current workflow, even if you already have a website. And yes, that includes if you already use WordPress.

So, let’s get on with it...

Step 1: Content Creation

Compose your content using StoryChief

Now this is the step that really pulls it all together for me, especially with regards to producing, distributing and managing the content you produce from a single place.

Now, remember how impressed with WordPress I may have shown I was earlier. Well this is mostly due to my interest with the visual website page builder plugins available for the platform.

Anyway to cut along story short. I was pretty much gobsmacked when I found the same visual editing capability with the free blog you also have access to from the StoryChief dashboard. Nice!

Effectively, you have something that works similar to the visual page builder plugins available for WordPress, but without the “drag and drop”. So maybe more like WordPress’s project Gutenberg.

So, if it’s intuitive visual editing you want, StoryChief has it.

If it’s the collaboration capabilities you want, StoryChief has that too.

In fact, you’ll have an affordable content marketing system that not only guides you along the way to creating SEO considered content, but also provides you with one of the most immediate means of connecting and sharing your published content to all your social media accounts, from a central hub.

This is pretty cool looking stuff. But that’s not all, if you already use WordPress you can easily connect it to your StoryChief account. StoryChief is well worth taking a look at.

Want to try StoryChief free? Signup today

Step 2: Secure the value of your content

Start growing an audience that you always can have access to.

One of the biggest struggles for any business is how to start growing an audience, especially if you do not have the sort of budget that allows the type of testing or experimentation that businesses currently succeeding with their advertising have at their disposal. If advertising seems out of reach, there is no better time than now, to start building your own audience for the future.

So, to at least get you started, wouldn’t it be a great help if you could attract some free traffic. Traffic that you can “turn on” without having to rely on paid advertising. Well, here’s a number 1 tip for actually growing an audience from scratch.

Collecting Subscribers

This isn’t as easy as it sounds or looks. But, to make the most of any traffic you do receive, by including a website form on your blog, landing page or website is generally the right way to go.But to be effective, your form will need to be connected to an email and content marketing system. Which can be a costly burden for most beginners.

Luckily, I know of 2 free plans, 1 for MailChimp and the other for ConvertKit. And the even better news is that ConvertKit are now providing new users with the opportunity to start growing an audience and pay nothing until reaching at least 1000 subscribers. Now that’s a deal you shouldn’t miss especially for a system of this quality.

The free offer is available through this link:
ConverKit Free Limited Plan

Last words; Keep the conversations flowing

Hopefully by now you have a good idea of 2 essential things you need to have in place;

a) an efficient means of creating and distributing content to multiple channels at a time

b) a means of collecting subscribers or members

Now, here’s the really hard bit, Continuity...

To keep a constant flow of traffic you’ll need to have a number of strategies in place, some which you may only recognise by gauging how current customers are responding to your present content.

So, this tip involves subscribing to my newsletter so that I can occasionally nudge you with an inspirationally helpful email, or a bag of goodies.

Very last words;

By using this tool, you can tell that there has been very careful consideration towards developing the StoryChief experience to also guide you through the process of creating content optimised for distribution, in an intuitive and familiar manner.

Following the 2 steps above are essential components for long-term online ventures. And in summary, provide you with:

1. Access to a free central hub for collaboration and the management of your content, distributed to multiple channels.

2. Access to a top-notch email marketing and content platform for free.
(Tip: If it is not available for integration, you can use ConvertKit’s landing page builder as an external link with your StoryChief profile page. )

3. Keep updated Word On Press

Whilst the above 3 steps are primarily aimed at beginners, I am quite certain that there are a number of “old schoolers” out there who are oblivious to the likes of tools like StoryChief.

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